still winter life
...Thoreau's Journal: 29-Nov-1858

About three inches of snow fell last evening, and a few cows on the hillside have wandered about in vain to come at the grass. They have at length found that place high on the south side where the snow is thinnest.

How bright and light the day now! Methinks it is as good as half an hour added to the day. White houses no longer stand out and stare in the landscape. The pine woods snowed up look more like the bare oak woods with their gray boughs. The river meadows show now far off a dull straw-color or pale brown amid the general white, where the coarse sedge rises above the snow; and distant oak woods are now more distinctly reddish. It is a clear and pleasant winter day. The snow has taken all the November out of the sky. Now blue shadow, green rivers,—both which I see,—and still winter life.


Regina said...

Did you know that there are many decorating-women in "blogland" that totally decorate their homes in white.

Always thought that they seek to transcend in a way their lives:

White is such a non-colour, so much the mixture of all colours.

Wonder if this also may be one of the reasons why not only Thoreau but most people feel so special about the changes that snow brings.

michael jameson said...

thats a great statement "the snow has taken all the november out of the sky".