wild apples
...Thoreau's Journal: 16-Nov-1850

The era of wild apples will soon be over. I wander through old orchards of great extent, now all gone to decay, all of native fruit which for the most part went to the cider-mill. But since the temperance reform and the general introduction of grafted fruit, no wild apples, such as I see everywhere in deserted pastures, and where the woods have grown up among them, are set out. I fear that he who walks over these hills a century hence will not know the pleasure of knocking off wild apples. Ah, poor man! there are many pleasures which he will be debarred from.

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michael jameson said...

we have lost over 100 species of apples, we will extinct more types of animals and trees etc every day then is imaginable! it is obvious no one cares enough or we would stop it! but no one cares!.....the deeds of man make me weep.