proportion of the unknown
...Thoreau's Journal: 23-Nov-1860

Most of us are still related to our native fields as the navigator to undiscovered islands in the sea. We can any autumn discover a new fruit there which will surprise us by its beauty or sweetness. So long as I saw one or two kinds of berries in my walks whose names I did not know, the proportion of the unknown seemed indefinitely if not infinitely great.


Jenny Attiyeh said...

Just thought you might be interested in an interview on the brand new publication of Thoreau's Journal by New York Review Books Classics. I speak with the editor, Edwin Frank, on ThoughtCast:
Lemme know what you think!

Regina said...

Just discussed yesterday with our six teenagers what tomorrow might look like/how the world would be in about 30 years.

Future always brings new and unknown "plants/fields".

Will we estimate future "plants" by comparing them to our "older field thoughts" ?

Are older fields and known plants always that bad ?

Are new things always good only because we are in a way thrilled by them?

michael jameson said...

discover few lose many, a species programmed to kill that knows its going to die anyway! what went wrong? or is it the psychologists view, man cannot grasp the brainwashing taking place?

vanjulio said...