fancied security
#Thoreau Journal: 09-Nov-1858

The newspaper tells me that Uncannunuc was white with snow for a short time on the morning of the 7th. Thus steadily but unobserved the winter steals down from the north, till from our highest hills we can discern its vanguard. Next week, perchance, our own hills will be white. Little did we think how near the winter was. It is as if a scout had brought in word that an enemy were approaching in force only a day’s march distant. Manchester was the spy this time, which has a camp at the base of that hill. We had not thought seriously of winter; we dwelt in fancied security yet.

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michael jameson said...

war and the idea of war is always with us! its always going on, its part of the norm! if aliens were to ask me of it, i would say uh huh! its what we do here!,"in a non emotional sort of way" how sad!!!!