...Thoreau's Journal: 02-Nov-1857

How contagious are boys’ games! A short time ago they were spinning tops, as I saw and heard, all the country over. Now every boy has a stick curved at the end, a hawkie (?), in his hand, whether in yards, or in distant lanes I meet them.


michael jameson said...

sorry ???? i have know idea what a hawkie is does anyone ? it has a relation to cricket,also used in cameras! a modern childs game with curved sticks and a ball is thrown with it??? once again my genius is that of a snail!!!!!.

son rivers said...

i believe we would call this field hockey

michael jameson said...

staring me right in the face !!! looks like i wear the dunce hat today! i have already been chastised and so i should! pronouncation !!!!!! thanks son r