earnestly and rapidly
...Thoreau's Journal: 13-Sep-1852

How earnestly and rapidly each creature, each flower, is fulfilling its part while its day lasts! Nature never lost a day, nor a moment. As the planet in its orbit and around its axis, so do the seasons, so does time, revolve, with a rapidity inconceivable. In the moment, in the eon, well employed, time ever advances with this rapidity. To an idler the man employed is terribly rapid. He that is not behind his time is swift. The immortals are swift. Clear the track! The plant that waited a whole year, and then blossomed the instant it was ready and the earth was ready for it, without the conception of delay, was rapid. To the conscience of the idle man, the stillness of a placid September day sounds like the din and whirl of a factory. Only employment can still this din in the air.


Pierre said...

Have we lost this knowledge and sensibilty? That moves, and have the seed grow at the good time.
Let me ear rain nurishing the soil of my garden.

michael jameson said...

every plant and tree makes use of every second! as do the animals, except man?, we waste the time we have to such a great degree!! sitting being entertained by a box or fiction in a book which is somewhat better!, each of us know we waste time and do not care!why not they say? because the life you were given was the greatest gift of all! do not waste it!!, alas it is your life. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

the immortals are swift--
clear the track,
a flower is blooming