great resolves to draw breath
...Thoreau's Journal: 06-Sep-1841

Some hours seem not to be occasion for anything, unless for great resolves to draw breath and repose in, so religiously do we postpone all action therein. We do not straight go about to execute our thrilling purpose, but shut our doors behind us, and saunter with prepared mind, as if the half were already done.


zimdog said...

Ahh. What a considerate world we would see if more would have the time to contemplate like you, Henry. It's really too bad that money wheel keeps rollin', with or without us.

Anonymous said...

While we rest or 'draw breath', half the pleasure is in knowing the rest of the world rushes about its business. Perhaps we can enjoy it all the more for being able to make that comparison?

michael jameson said...

some people seem to be heading with great purpose, as if on a thrilling adventure!, yet the reality of it is so mundane, and looking at the meaning behind the words of some of Thoreau's writings gives me great pleasure and today i decided to tell people that. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com