old ruts of thought
...Thoreau's Journal: 24-Sep-1859

Though you may have sauntered near to heaven’s gate, when at length you return toward the village you give up the enterprise a little, and you begin to fall into the old ruts of thought, like a roadster. Your thoughts very properly fail to report themselves to headquarters. Your thoughts turn toward night and the evening mail and become begrimed with dust, as if you were just going to put up at (with?) the tavern, or even come to make an exchange with a brother clergyman here on the morrow.


Courtney said...

Did you add the "(with?)," was it Thoreau himself, or is it what's in whatever source you're pulling from?

michael jameson said...

find the fault!, expose shortcomings! look only for mistakes! or errors!, why?? you may ask! its gone on forever call someone a witch and you wont be one! make someone else look bad so you dont look bad!?!and feel better about yourself!?!?,, Forgive people their little faults, no one is without them! as an adult you dont look better by finding fault in others!.