excited by the smell
...Thoreau's Journal: 25-Sep-1851

Some men are excited by the smell of burning powder, but I thought in my dream last night how much saner to be excited by the smell of new bread.


Beth W. said...

Yes. There is an hour in the morning when the smell of the earth reminds me of fresh-baked bread. It is when the dew and sunshine combine to steam the surface of the woods, distiling the various elements into a complex, sweet fragrance.

michael jameson said...

lovely beth ! why cant the news tell us of good events such as living and nature, baked bread! why, because war and death sells !! it excites us! as long as it doesnt involve them?! what do these listeners truly think of themselves? millions watch the news, find one that will say i get off on death and torture and evil doings! everybody lies !!!! Give me a tree and a river! michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com