flower of autumn
...Thoreau's Journal: 26-Sep-1852

The increasing scarlet and yellow tints around the meadows and the river remind me of the opening of a vast flower-bud; they are the petals of its corolla, which is of the width of the valleys. It is the flower of autumn, whose expanding bud just begins to blush.


T. Jones said...

This reminds me of when I weas young and my mother and I would travel to Boone, North Carolina every October to watch the changing of the leaves. I miss the solitude and reflection we had with nature.

T. Jones

michael jameson said...

you have to leave your frame of mind and enter thoreau unhindered.) thanks to all who reminded me that my passion once again got the better of me! i will try and be more humble and look at myself first before i pass judgment on others!,for it is not my place!,and i ask your forgiveness once again. yours michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com