What is religion?
...Thoreau's Journal: 18-Aug-1858

Last evening one of our neighbors, who has just completed a costly house and front yard, the most showy in the village, illuminated in honor of the Atlantic telegraph. I read in great letters before the house the sentence "Glory to God in the highest." But it seemed to me that that was not a sentiment to be illuminated, but to keep dark about. A simple and genuine sentiment of reverence would not emblazon these words as on a signboard in the streets. They were exploding countless crackers beneath it, and gay company, passing in and out, made it a kind of housewarming. I felt a kind of shame for [it], and was inclined to pass quickly by, the ideas of indecent exposure and cant being suggested. What is religion? That which is never spoken.


Anonymous said...

In our own day of the 21st century, one doesn't have to look far to find the sanctimonious blurting of a fundamentalist Christian disturbing the peace.

michael jameson said...

so much of religion is in fact hidden from us! it has to be or its system would fail,in this day and age of science and proof which has to be kept as far away from religion as possible or one will cancel the other out!, religion has its place, thats why fear of the unknown is its cornerstone!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com