empurpled sands
...Thoreau's Journal: 29-Aug-1858

Almost the very sands confess the ripening influence of the August sun, and me thinks, with the slender grasses waving over them, reflect a purple tinge. The empurpled sands. Such is the consequence of all this sunshine absorbed into the pores of plants and of the earth. All sap or blood is wine-colored. The very bare sands, methinks, yield a purple reflection. At last we have not only the purple sea, but the purple land.

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michael jameson said...

to notice the simple changes as summer turns to fall, it is very gradual unlike the trees,there are so many unnoticed things happening, to observe these changes takes people who live amongst nature and care about the smallest detail of the land not just the beauty of the trees. michael jameson oldantiqeguy@hotmail.com