New England color
...Thoreau's Journal: 26-Aug-1856

I rest and take my lunch on Lee’s Cliff, looking toward Baker Farm. What is a New England landscape this sunny August day? A weather-painted house and barn, with an orchard by its side, in midst of a sandy field surrounded by green woods, with a small blue lake on one side. A sympathy between the color of the weather-painted house and that of the lake and sky. I speak not of a country road between its fences, for this house lies off one, nor do I commonly approach them from this side. The weather-painted house. This is the New England color, homely but fit as that of a toadstool. What matter though this one has not been inhabited for thirty years? Methinks I hear the crow of a cock come up from its barn-yard.


Courtney said...

Gotta wonder if there's a squatter raising chickens :-p

michael jameson said...

this is the scene of one of our most beloved landscapes!,we have painted it took pictures of it, for this is our past!, for they stand for decades after use to remind us of who we were and who we are, and a similar vision is held in everyone's mind. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

vanjulio said...

What is a New England landscape this sunny August day? a deluge descent into autumn !