a mere fungus
...Thoreau's Journal: 01-Aug-1856

Since July 30th, inclusive, we have had perfect dog-days without interruption. The earth has suddenly [become] invested with a thick musty mist. The sky has become a mere fungus. A thick blue musty veil of mist is drawn before the sun. The sun has not been visible, except for a moment or two once or twice a day, all this time, nor the stars by night. Moisture reigns. You cannot dry a napkin at the window, nor press flowers without their mildewing. You imbibe so much moisture from the atmosphere that you are not so thirsty, nor is bathing so grateful as a week ago. The burning heat is tempered, but as you lose sight of the sky and imbibe the musty, misty air, you exist as a vegetable, a fungus.

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michael jameson said...

i think the lazy dog days of summer have been my favorite since i was a boy!,memories of laying in the yard with a friend wondering what to do!, when there were so many,but find one we both agree on????,,,the humidity of summer seems a little more unwelcome as we age! i suppose it gives us something to complain about!? as long as you can sleep well!? michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com