our broad back-door-stone
...Thoreau's Journal: 30-Aug-1856

How happens it that we reverence the stones which fall from another planet, and not the stones which belong to this,—another globe, not this,—heaven, and not earth? Are not the stones in Hodge’s wall as good as the aerolite at Mecca? Is not our broad back-door-stone as good as any corner-stone in heaven?

It would imply the regeneration of mankind, if they were to become elevated enough to truly worship stocks and stones. It is the sentiment of fear and slavery and habit which makes a heathenish idolatry. Such idolaters abound in all countries, and heathen cross the seas to reform heathens, dead to bury the dead, and all go down to the pit together. If I could, I would worship the parings of my nails. If he who makes two blades of grass grow where one grew before is a benefactor, he who discovers two gods where there was only known the one (and such a one!)_ before is a still greater benefactor. I would fain improve every opportunity to wonder and worship, as a sunflower welcomes the light. The more thrilling, wonderful, divine objects I behold in a day, the more expanded and immortal I become. If a stone appeals to me and elevates me, tells me how many miles I have come, how many remain to travel,—and to the more, the better,— reveals the future to me in some measure, it is a matter of private rejoicing. If it did the same service to all, it might well be a matter of public rejoicing.

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michael jameson said...

man is a trusting animal it is how we learn, if parents tell us there is a god we believe without question! no proof is needed! if a book was found about a hill or a stone and our parents told us to worship it we would as well!,and we could see it!however it has to be invisible or as we age we would see other stones and rationality would set in!,,you cant argue if its invisible your supposed to believe in the imaginary and as we are terrified of dieing we prefer to believe in the imaginary so when we die we are really just going into the next room!whew!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com