the end of the world
...Thoreau's Journal: 29-Dec-1853

We survive, in one sense, in our posterity and in the continuance of our race, but when a race of men, of Indians for instance, becomes extinct, is that not the end of the world for them? Is not the world forever beginning and coming to an end, both to men and races? Suppose we were to foresee that the Saxon race to which we belong would become extinct the present winter,—disappear from the face of the earth,—would it not look to us like the end of the world? Such is the prospect of the Indians.


Anonymous said...

It is a constant, evolving thing. Extinction of plants and animals experienced in my life time is continuously changing the world I live in.

michael jameson said...

life the greatest gift of all!, how we waste it!, it is sad, yet some, just some mind you, live life with every breath not wasting a single moment! their spirit will live forever!.

Quinton Blue said...

If the French rather than the British had prevailed in the colonies, how much different would that have been for the Indians?