court the present
...Thoreau's Journal: 28-Dec-1852

Both for bodily and mental health, court the present. Embrace health wherever you find her. A clump of birches raying out from one center make a more agreeable object than a single tree. The rosettes in the ice, as Channing calls them, now and for some time have attracted me.


michael jameson said...

embracing the moment,,, when you see something worthy that makes you smile or warms you, linger and say you will remember it!, in hopes that they will fill your long term memory!.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely way to wrap up the year and have Henry encourage us to stay in the moment into 2011. :) I've begun a Concord Heroes Project that you would be interested in. I'm taking guest posters, so stop by if you want. :) Thank you! http://www.concordheroesproject.com - Meg North