in its season only
...Thoreau's Journal: 05-Dec-1856

My themes shall not be far-fetched. I will tell of homely every-day phenomena and adventures. Friends! Society! It seems to be that I have an abundance of it, there is so much that I rejoice and sympathize with, and men, too, that I never speak to but only know and think of. What you call bareness and poverty is to me simplicity. God could not be unkind to me if he should try. I love the winter, with its imprisonment and its cold, for it compels the prisoner to try new fields and resources. I love to have the river closed up for a season and a pause put to my boating, to be obliged to get my boat in. I shall launch it again in the spring with so much more pleasure. This is an advantage in point of abstinence and moderation compared with the seaside boating, where the boat ever lies on the shore. I love best to have each thing in its season only, and enjoy doing without it at all other times. It is the greatest of all advantages to enjoy no advantage at all. I find it invariably true, the poorer I am, the richer I am. What you consider my disadvantage, I consider my advantage. While you are pleased to get knowledge and culture in many ways, I am delighted to think that I am getting rid of them. I have never got over my surprise that I should have been born into the most estimable place in all the world, and in the very nick of time, too.


Anonymous said...

cool, so advanced in vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

Henry's words really enhance this season for me. The other day I was knitting a sweater by the fire, sipping a nice cup of hot cocoa with my cat and watching the snow fall gently outside my bay window. I felt so peaceful and warm inside, just like a snug bug in a rug.

Please share your thoughts with me on this lovely winter season, thank you.


son rivers said...

Hi Candice

"While you are pleased to get knowledge and culture in many ways, I am delighted to think that I am getting rid of them."

What is the sound indeed.

Anonymous said...

Where do you live, Mr. Perry?

I need to speak with you in person on a matter of great importance.

son rivers said...

Owatonna, MN?

bandit said...

Owatanna, really?
Get down to Faribault once in a blue moon...St. Paul boy, here.
Don't worry, I won't be barging in any time soon-well, maybe into the comments now and then.

michael jameson said...

for the most life is made up of homely every-day phenomena, friends, society, revel in it!, to have seasons makes us appreciate our favorite of theses, time speeds by when you have but one season.