pretty much alike
...Thoreau's Journal: 14-Dec-1851

The boys have been skating for a week, but I have had no time to skate for surveying. I have hardly realized that there was ice, though I have walked over it about this business. As for the weather, all seasons are pretty much alike to one who is actively at work in the woods. I should say that there were two or three remarkably warm days and as many cold ones in the course of a year, but the rest are all alike in respect to temperature. This is my answer to acquaintances who ask me if I have not found it very cold being out all day.


Claire said...

I agree - once you get walking and moving, even a very cold day doesn't usually feel all that different from a less cold day.

Thanks so much for posting these excerpts.

michael jameson said...

i live where its warm cold warm hot warm cold warm hot etc... its where i live, i cant change it, i dress for it, everyone talks about it because its the one thing everyone has in common.