Thoreau's Journal: 27-Oct-1851

The obstacles which the heart meets with are like granite blocks which one alone cannot move. She who was as the morning light to me is now neither the morning star nor the evening star. We meet but to find each other further asunder, and the oftener we meet the more rapid our divergence. So a star of the first magnitude pales in the heavens, not from any fault in the observer’s eye nor from any fault in itself, perchance, but because its progress in its own system has put a greater distance between.


Anonymous said...

Henry was gay. He only pursued one woman because his beloved brother also pursued her.

I wish the so-called literary community would simply accept the fact that henry prefered the company of men.

It's okay, you know. In fact, it often makes a lot more sense than watching two genders who are often almost alien to each other try to get together.

The Greeks had it right for the most part.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was gay, maybe not. The point may be that Henry had trouble in most of his relationships with both males and females.
As you indicate, it is true that it is easier for one to bond with one's own gender, but that doesn't keep males and females from fulfilling the biological imperative, which means getting together...

Anonymous said...

Society puts a lot of pressure on people to conform to the hetero lifestyle out of old social ideas.

With almost 7 billion people infesting this planet (just think, in Henry's time a mere 150 years ago, there were less than 2 billion humans), can we really afford to keep following this biological "imperative"?

DNA doesn't have a mind, just an ancient code it keeps following. We do and we are aware of what will happen to society if we keep overbreeding. Can you say Soylent Green?

For me, this gives same gender bonding yet another boost for not only being a better lifestyle, but for actually saving the species.

Once again, Henry was ahead of the curve.

And don't worry, there will always be plenty of horny heteros to keep the population going. But some of us have chosen a higher less instinctive path. Just like Henry.