Thoreau's Journal: 11-Oct-1856

Farrar thought that the spirit manufactured a century ago was not so adulterated and poisonous as that now made. He could remember when delirium tremens was very rare. There was Luke Dodge; he could remember him a drunkard for more than forty years, yet he was now between eighty and ninety.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Henry David Thoreau who who refused to hire American workers or to sell his Pencil Co. to an American after he worked his family to death? He refused to grind the graphite for his pencils because he knew you could die of black lung if you did so, but he didn't mind forcing his sister and father (who both died of black lung disease) to do so. When they died he sold the business to a German (Faber) who made (and still makes) pencils in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Back up your accusations with some real evidence or just go away.

Henry was and is a hero. He wasn't perfect and he wasn't a god, but his good works outweigh anything else.

What is your problem anyway? You act like he personally harmed you, which is doubtful unless you are really really old.

Or did he harm an ancestor and you are out for character revenge?

or do you just have guys like Henry in general and want to smear his good nanme?

Henry will outshine you no matter what anyway.