Thoreau's Journal: 05-Oct 1856

It is well to find your employment and amusement in simple and homely things. These wear best and yield most. I think I would rather watch the motions of these cows in their pasture for a day, which I see now headed all one way and slowly advancing,—watch them and project their course carefully on a chart, and report all their behavior faithfully,—than wander to Europe or Asia and watch other motions there; for it is only ourselves that we report in either case, and perchance we shall report a more restless and worthless self in the latter case than in the first.


Northland said...

Amen, Henry.

Anonymous said...

From a self promoter like Henry David Thoreau? If he believed a word of what he wrote, then why didn't he buy and run a farm? He had far more money than Emerson, so why didn't he buy the cabin at Walden's Pond or at least pay him rent?

Anonymous said...

If you really knew anything about Henry, you would know he was all about SIMPLIFYING life, not complicating it. You don't think a farm would have added to life's burdens?

And how DARE you call Henry a self-promoter! Without him, the human race would be an even lesser thing than it already is.

Either go back and really read what Henry wrote, or just get lost.