Thoreau's Journal: 19-Oct-1859

Some eighteen hundred years ago Christ was crucified; this morning, perhaps, John Brown was hung. These are the two ends of a chain which I rejoice to know is not without its links.

The Republican editors, obliged to get their sentences ready for the morning edition,—and their dinner ready before afternoon,—speak of these men, not in a tone of admiration for their disinterestedness and heroism, not of sorrow even for their fate, but calling them “deluded fanatics,” “mistaken men,” “insane,” or “crazed.” Did it ever occur to you that a sane set of editors we are blessed with?—not “mistaken men;” who know very well on which side their bread is buttered!

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY - A quote from Henry's Journal that is not another soft, non-threatening one about some aspect of nature.

More of these, please, thank you.

Henry was far more about society than the trees, believe it or not. Don't listen to what the humanity majors will tell you about Henry. They only care about one side of the man.