...Thoreau's Journal: 12-Oct-1858

I land at Pinxter Swamp. The leaves of the azaleas are falling, mostly fallen, and revealing the large blossom-buds, so prepared are they for another year. With man all is uncertainty. He does not look forwardly to another spring. But examine the root of the savory-leaved aster, and you will find the new shoots, fair purple shoots, which are to curve upward and bear the next year’s flowers, already grown half an inch or more in earth. Nature is confident.


michael jameson said...

man may plan for his retirement or vacation even a new car, but for the most part it is planned for him like a machine! work,eat,rest,sleep, work eat,rest,sleep, interruptions in the machine like wife,child, so remember your youth in training for the machine and enjoy your retirement when your part in the machine needs replacing. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

Change is a good thing even if you have to go through rough parts over time.