more alarming
...Thoreau's Journal: 01-Oct-1858

The cat sleeps on her head! What does this portend? It is more alarming than a dozen comets. How long prejudice survives! The big-bodied fisherman asks me doubtingly about the comet seen these nights in the northwest,—if there is any danger to be apprehended from that side! I would fain suggest that only he is dangerous to himself.

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michael jameson said...

it is true that superstitious people are only laughed at in this age of science, in my life the world was going to end 8 different years!,the people who said it shut up rather quickly on new years eve!, oh! ya! make that 9 the ancient calenders end in december! the media whent mad! they will shut up again, the scary part is how dumbfounded these people will find themselves at new years?. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com