forget your botany
...Thoreau's Journal: 04-Oct-1859

It is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know. I do not get nearer by a hair’s breadth to any natural object so long as I presume that I have an introduction to it from some learned man. To conceive of it with a total apprehension I must for the thousandth time approach it as something totally strange. If you would make acquaintance with the ferns you must forget your botany.


Beth W. said...

Yes. I like to get on my belly, nose-to-plant. Have you ever experienced a Roundleaf Sundew up close? My, oh my.

Anonymous said...

Just as Thoreau says that you must strip away the pre-filtering of your socialization to really 'see' a thing... so the mystics have always claimed that those filters must go before you really see reality. - Trail Head.

michael jameson said...

to be taught? i have found many errors in teaching,as they have been taught!, i learned from experience or from those who learned from experience!, we can only know for sure from what we have done or what we do! school should only teach how to learn and all it entails and that is only hearsay till we put it into practice!. michael jameson oldantiqueguy@hotmail.com