such as no mortal dye
...Thoreau's Journal: 18-Jan-1856

This is a very mild, melting winter day, but clear and bright, yet I see the blue shadows on the snow at Walden. The snow lies very level there, about ten inches deep, and for the most part bears me as I go across with my hatchet. I think I never saw a more elysian blue than my shadow. I am turned into a tall blue Persian from my cap to my boots, such as no mortal dye can produce, with an amethystine hatchet in my hand. I am in rapture at my own shadow. What if the substance were of as ethereal a nature?

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michael jameson said...

i cant believe the astonishment at people finding out that thoreau was a man,! with wants and feelings, fears and passions! the very fact that he was a man is what makes him so great!, it gives us hope! and if we could take just a little from what he is telling us.....never mind.