Thoreau's Journal: 27-Mar-1857

I would fain make two reports in my Journal, first the incidents and observations of to-day; and by tomorrow I review the same and record what was omitted before, which will often be the most significant and poetic part. I do not know at first what it is that charms me. The men and things of to-day are wont to lie fairer and truer in tomorrow’s memory.


Will Howarth said...


Nice to find your blog on Thoreau. Nicer still if you added some links to key Thoreau sites: the Princeton edition of his writings, the Thoreau Institute at Lincoln, Mass, the Concord Free Public Library, etc. Did you know that the entire 1906 Journal is now online at the Institute site?

Best wishes,
Will Howarth
Princeton University

son rivers said...

Hi Will

Thanks for the info on the Lincoln Inst. I didn't know that. As for linking, that's for others to do. My role i different. But I have been extremely delinquent in updating the blog roll. I intend to change that soon.

Thanks again,
Academically Unafilliated