A TBoHDT 150 Special: 1/21/1857

The roads are perhaps more blocked up than last winter, yet with hardly more than half as much snow,. The river is now so concealed that a common eye would not suspect its existence. It is drifted on it exactly as on the meadow, i.e. successive low drifts with a bluff head toward the wind.

It is remarkable how many tracks of foxes you will see quite near the village, where they have been in the night, and yet a regular walker will not glimpse one oftener than once in eight or ten years.

The overflow, under the snow, is generally at the bends, where the river is narrower and swifter.

I noticed that several species of birds lingered late this year. The F. hyemalis, and then there was that woodcock, and song sparrow! What does it mean?

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