Thoreau's Journal: 14-Dec-1851

The boys have been skating for a week, but I have had no time to skate for surveying. I have hardly realized that there was ice, though I have walked over it about this business. As for the weather, all seasons are pretty much alike to one who is actively at work in the woods. I should say that there were two or three remarkably warm days and as many cold ones in the course of a year, but the reat are all alike in respect to temperature. This is my answer to acquaintances who ask me if I have not found it very cold being out all day.


pilgrimchick said...

In my experience "working" at the Plantation, doing a lot of outdoor work in the same fashion, Thoreau does have a point here that is very true. You remember the one or two really hot days that you struggled to get things done and then the few cold ones that were, again, a challenge, but ultimately, the temperature doesn't register as too different from one day to the next in that condition.

Anonymous said...

two hot days,
three cold...
my year