Thoreau's Journal: 25-Jun-1840

Let me so no other conflict but with prosperity. If my path run on before me level and smooth, it is all a mirage; in reality, it is steep and arduous as a chamois pass. I will not let the years roll over me like a Juggernaut car.

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donw said...

The quote was a bit garbled in transcription and should read thus:"Let me see no other conflict but with prosperity"
It has to be difficult, Greg, to post these quotes each day, though I think the searching would be a wonderful quest.
Thoreau goes on to say:
"We will warm us at each other's fire. Friendship is not such a cold refining process as a double sieve, but a glowing furnace in which all impurities are consumed."
Another wonderful bit of thought from Thoreau, perhaps for June 25,2007!