Thoreau's Journal: 08-May-1857

Within a week I have had made a pair of corduroy pants, which cost when done $1.60. They are of that peculiar clay-color, reflecting the light from portions of their surface. They have this advantage, that, beside being very strong, they will look about as well three months hence as now,—or as ill, some would say. Most of my friends are disturbed by my wearing them. I can get four or five pairs for what one ordinary pair would cost in Boston, and each of the former will last two or three times as long under the same circumstances. The tailor said that the stuff was not made in this country; that it was worn by the Irish at home, and now they would not look at it, but others would not wear it, durable and cheap as it is, because it is worn by the Irish. Moreover I like the color on other accounts. Anything but black clothes.


ControlThis said...


"I have made". Did he sew them? Why not say "sew"?

Did he consult with the tailor before he sewed them? Or did he have a Concord tailor sew them?

I can picture Thoreau pumping the tailor for information, how the pants will be sewn, then virtuously declaring he will sew them himself.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't know what's wierder. That a blog was created for this guy or the fact that I'm writing a paper about this guy the same day you wrote this entry. Wonder how Thoreau would look at it...

donw said...

Greg transcribed the short piece from Thoreau's May 8, 1857 journal omitting "had". Thoreau said, "Within a week I have had made a pair of corduroy pants..."
Thoreau goes on about the social dress code of his day and, as a naturalist observing wildlife, how well he blends in with earth tones.

ControlThis said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Don.

I'm really enjoying this blog. Even the mistranscriptions have a charm. :)

son rivers said...

sorry CT (& Henry)

thanks DonW