Thoreau's Journal: 3-Mar-1841

I thank God for sound; it always mounts, and makes me mount. I think I will not trouble myself for any wealth, when I can be so cheaply enriched. Here I contemplate to drudge that I may own a farm—and may have such a limitless estate for the listening. All good things are cheap; all bad are very dear.

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Cathy said...

At 3 PM sharp, every day of the year, Don can be found at our local "Window On Wildlife". He is 84 years old, a former teacher who loves to visit with other observers and who diligently records the bird species drawn to the cluster of feeders and small pond. He's turned to me on several occasions and apologized if the opinion he was about to give he'd shared before. Then he grins broadly, nodding toward the beauty beyond the glass and queries:"Where else can you have such a good time and it's Free! Free!?"
The question is rhetorical, but his happiness and the warm heat from the radiator, the squeaking door hinge announcing new arrivals - make a strong case for Thoreau's assertion that "all good things are cheap . . . "