Thoreau's Journal: 22-Feb-1841

The whole of the day should not be daytime, nor of the night night-time, but some portion be rescued from time to oversee time in. All our hours must not be current; all out time must not lapse. There must be one hour at least which the day did not bring forth,—of ancient parentage and long-established nobility,—which will be a serene and lofty platform overlooking the rest. We should make our notch every day on our characters, as Robinson Crusoe on his stick. We must be at the helm at least once a day; we must feel the tiller-rope in our hands, and know that if we sail, we steer.


Anonymous said...

Siddhartha Gautama said the same thing, but not nearly so poetically...Henry's wisdom lives on.

t browder said...

In the hectic world in which we live, who will be our present day Thoreau to remind us to take command of our days?

Anonymous said...

Who else will remind us, t browder, but us? After all, he did write it in his journal, perhaps to remind himself. :)