Thoreau's Journal: 16-Sep-1858

When I awake I hear the sound of steady heavy rain. A southeast storm. Our peach tree limbs are broken off by it. It lasts all day, rains a great deal, and scatters many elm boughs and leaves over the street. The wind does damage out of proportion to its strength. The fact is, the trees are unprepared to resist a wind from this quarter and, being loaded with foliage and fruit, suffer so much the more. There will be many windfalls, and fruit will be cheap for awhile.


idi said...

Hello Thoreau,
I like very much the green colour of your blog - very much nicer than black!

Yes, it's uncomfortable when it rains so hard and when there is a hard storm

What do you mean by the words:
to live in paradise alone
Why alone?
I think in this context the blog of Paul, a blogger friend of Irina,
fits very well:
Changes: How did you change:
what can you tell about forgiveness?



Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

This is a snazzy way to highlight HDT, who was a blogger ahead of his time, in fact.

I often wake to the sound of rain in the beautiful Pacific Northwest...