Thoreau's Journal: 28-July-1860

A man shows me in the street a single bunch of potato-balls (i.e. on one stem) twenty in number, several of them quite an inch in diameter and the whole cluster nearly five inches in diameter as it hangs, to some extent emulating a cluster of grapes. The very sight of them supplies my constitution with all needed potash.

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Cyrus Pringle said...

Sir, your diary brings me great comfort. Your observations lift my spirit as I live through this terrible time of war, of which you saw but the beginning.

I keep a diary of my own. It is but a shadow of yours, with few profound thoughts, but only the record of my struggle against the draft. But perhaps it is not too unforgivably bold of me to imagine you might like to visit it from time to time?

Your servant,
Cyrus Guernsey Pringle
Charlotte, Vermont, 1863