Thoreau's Journal: 25-Mar-1859

I thought the other day, How we enjoy a warm and pleasant day at this season! We dance like gnats in the sun.


DonW said...

Yes, how we do enjoy a pleasant day at this season... Yesterday's post on wood frogs brought back memories of late May and the pond behind our house next to the Yukon River, the sounds of a multitude chorus of northern Alaska's only amphibian heralding (or making) the spring. My young children, wide eyed and patient, kneeling down by the pond's margin, watching and gently capturing a wood frog to hold for awhile and then putting back that which was meant for quick coupling in the shallow pond. The next generation to swim and arise from later summer muck to hop off to hibernation in dry forest duff.
My children, dancing with glee in the warm sun of those remembered days, leaving that river village and home for bigger ponds, nurtured with memories of pleasant spring days heralded by the wood frog's call.

TominMilford said...

Finally a warm day here in Milford too; near 50 degrees I'll guess. The ponds and lakes are still "iced-in." The river is running free though, and seven or eight male buffleheads played and dove around one female. They looked like B&W corks that try as they might just couldn't stay under the water. There are also some Ring-necked ducks on the river; really sharp in their spring plummage.

Can't wait for the dandeline greens to come up through the old leaves so we can have our spring tonic. My two little guys ran around the yard, got their bikes out, got out the ball and mitts. It was quite an Easter Saturday here in Michigan. H.D. woulda loved it.

Grass said...

Great entry. Dance little creatures, dance.