Thoreau's Journal: 15-Jan-1856

A bright day, not cold. I can comfortably walk without gloves, yet my shadow is a most celestial blue. This only requires a clear bright day and snow-clad earth, not great cold. I cross the river on the crust with some hesitation. The snow appears considerably deeper than the 12th, maybe four or five inches deeper, and the river is indicated by a mere depression in it.

In the street not only the fences but trees are obviously shortened, as by a flood. You are sensible that you are walking at a level a foot or more above the usual one. Seeing the tracks where a leaf had blown along and then tacked and finally doubled and returned on its trail, I though it must be the tracks of some creature new to me.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I ha to do a paper of on Walden Pond my Freshman year in college! I have come full circle! AAArrrrgggghhhhh

son rivers said...

Ah my friend Ole Blue, I do remember you. And come full circle? In time we all do.